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    Postee que cree usted acerca de las votaciones por el referendum en venezuela, gana o no gana…


    I’m amazed at the general consensus in this forum. it certainly does not reflect the results the Chavistas claim the SI has about his alleged popular support, but I’ll come back to that later.

    20 years ago I migrated to the States, and I remember getting a lot of fire (and still do) for "not supporting my country", but when you grow up beaten up by the mystical Policia Metropolitana every now and then, even as a minor, for no apparent reason. When you’re so poor that water with sugar is the entree of choice (pasta with sardines was a gourmet meal for me at the time), or when your mother and father (or lack thereof) can’t do jack shit for you because the government has no program that applies your needs (sorry you’re on your own buddy), then it is fucking difficult to feel proud to be Venezuelan or to call yourself as such.

    Having said that, I do not condem the feelings, emotions and analyzis given here by different forumnites nor I pretend to judge the many souls that have expressed their spiritual and at times physical ordeals as result of the political nightmare that the country is undergoing.

    I say get out and do it while you can without looking back. In the dictatorial Venezuela of 1946 my mother had hopes that someday the country would be able to offer a better life to its citizens. That hope of course faded away with time, then later on, I had hopes that the country someday would be able to provide the basic needs for its citizens to raise up and improve their lives, up ‘til this very same day I’m still waiting for that moment to arrive. Unlike my mother, I pretty much said "fuck this" and got out in ’85, at a time when many of you would remember with a bit of nostalgy and some did cherrish these times and also regarded it as the golden era of the country……I guess. Time ain’t goin’ to stop nor you’ll get a second chance to reivindicate yourself. I saw my mother with her hopes down and many times amid furious Northeastern winter storms she wondered….where would I be if you have not taken that decision.

    In a nutshell, I couldn’t support a country that did not support me, let alone fight a revolution. Loyalty goes out the door the minute hunger, extreme poverty, abuse of your basic human rights, lack of opportunity among other plagues that I rather not recall, hits YOUR door. I say this in response to many loyalist in this forum who dare to judge how I conduct myself or the language I choose to do so. Again, I bring the analogy that many of you will find somewhat familiar. Venezuela to me is like the biological father who unhumanly left me behind. My duty is with the father that took care of me, fed me and spent many nights worried about my well being.

    Chavez is not the leader you think he is. I beg you to open up your mind and recognize the tree by its fruits. Chavez in an amazing cycle of events, has pretty much repeated history just like Fidel did back in ’58-’59. The way he earned hearts and minds thru deception is astonishing, but even more amazing is how oblivious people have become, specially when it comes to Chavez and the dismantling process of civil and property rights taking place right now in the country. Is not going to get better, then again that’s my personal opinion based on my grand-parents, parents and lastly myself in which we waited for a wind a change to arrive. Now that the constitution is in route to be changed, I suggest for the many of you to reform your life and move on.

    God Bless…!!!

Viendo 2 entradas - de la 1 a la 2 (de un total de 2)
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