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    Mercer ha difundido su lista de las mejores ciudad para vivir en el mund llamado quality of living index.

    Quality of Living vs. the quality of life

    The Quality of Living index is based on several criteria used to judge whether an expatriate is entitled to a hardship allowance. A city with a high Quality of Living index is a safe and stable one, but it may be lacking the dynamic je ne sais quoi that makes people want to live in world-renowned cities such as Paris, Tokyo, London, or New York. Sometimes you need a little spice to make a city exciting. But that “spice” may also give a city a lower ranking.
    What makes one person’s quality of life better or worse cannot be quantified in an objective index. Therefore, Mercer’s Quality of Living report reflects only the tangible aspects of living in a city on expatriate assignments, and leaves the question of the quality of one’s life to those living it!

    Mercer Human Resource Consulting’s overall quality of life survey has revealed that Zurich and Geneva are the world’s top-scoring cities, with 106.5 points. Geneva moves up from second place last year (score 106) and pushes Vancouver down a place (score 106). This move takes account of Geneva’s schools, where standards of education, both in public and private schools, are now rated among the best in the world.
    Cities in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia continue to dominate the top of the rankings: Vienna shares third place with Vancouver (score 106), while Auckland, Bern, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Sydney are joint fifth with a score of 105.
    US cities have slipped in the rankings this year as tighter restrictions have been imposed on entry to the country. Increased security checks on arrivals and departures from the country can be very time-consuming for expatriates. Honolulu and San Francisco rank highest, both at position 24 (score 102). Among US cities included in the survey, Atlanta ranks lowest at position 66 (score 94.5)
    Cities are ranked against New York as the base city which has a rating of 100. The analysis is part of a worldwide quality of life survey, covering 215 cities, to help governments and major companies to place employees on international assignments
    The analysis was based on an evaluation of 39 quality of life criteria for each city including political, social, economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health, education, transport and other public services.
    Baghdad is now the world’s least attractive city for expatriates. Its score has dropped from 30.5 last year to 14.5 due to ongoing concerns over security and the city’s precarious infrastructure. Other poor-scoring cities for overall quality of life include Bangui in the Central African Republic (28.5) and Brazzaville and Pointe Noire in Congo (29.5 and 33.5 respectively).

    La lista, los primeros 15 son

    Geneva 106.5
    .Zurich 106.5
    Vancouver 106
    Vienna 106
    Auckland 105
    Bern 105
    Copenhagen 105
    .Frankfurt 105
    Sydney 105
    Amsterdam 104.5
    Munich 104.5
    Brussels 104
    Melbourne 103.5
    Berlin 103.5
    Luxembourg 103.5

    toronto ocupa el lugar 14, ottawa cae en el 20 y calgary en el 25.

    Invitado MQI

    Yo vivo aqui y se porque que lo digo ciudad deprimente, sucia y gris

    Invitado MQI

    Bueno pero ellos la pusieron en el no 22.

    Invitado MQI

    Y animo! El invierno está por terminarse. Dentro de un mes te sentirás mucho mejor.

    Miguel (de Valencia)

    Te quisiera preguntar algo sin animo de ofender, porque he escuchado lo mismo por otras personas pero solo el comentario no los hechos…
    Porque es mala para vivir?

    Miguel (Valencia)

    Invitado MQI

    Muy de acuerdo contigo, yo vivi en montreal y es lo mas deprimente que hay, eso sin contar con el frio tan bestial que hace alla.

    Mar de leva escribió:
    > Yo vivo aqui y se porque que lo digo ciudad deprimente,
    > sucia y gris

    Invitado MQI

    Felicitaciones Vancouver!! que hermosa ciudad!!

    Invitado MQI

    hola john D
    tienes informacion sobre vancouver???

Viendo 8 entradas - de la 1 a la 8 (de un total de 8)
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