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    Enero 22 – 2006
    The only qualification you need to get an «acceptable» job in Canada is A** Kissing. Forget about qualifications, forget about experiences, forget about achievements and forget about creativity and performance: you need only to know how, and be willing, to kiss as many Canadians’ a**es as is required. Period.

    This is why Canadians insist that an immigrant have a «Canadian» experience. They need a Canadian reference whom they can call and ask: «Does this immigrant kisses a**es?» If the Canadian reference says: «Yes,» you will be given the chance to prove your dexterity in kissing your new boss’s a**.

    Some people would think I am either joking or being sarcastic. But I am telling you the truth. I have lived long enough here in Canada and have worked as a temp in many companies to give the gist of the matter. In fact, I have been more than once in a position to secure a full time permanent job (although not a job commensurate with my qualification and experience) in major companies but refused to kiss any a**es to be hired and choose to be free and dignified if unemployed!! (Some «successful» immigrants would consider me stupid but this a differences in «perspective»!!)

    The problem with most landed immigrants is that they do not know or do not figure out this requirement. Landed immigrants are proud achievers who only believe in their abilities to perform and produce but, in Canada, performing does not count nor does it mean anything: Only a** kissing is required. This is why most laded immigrants do not get hired in the jobs that they deserve. The art of a** kissing is locally made and locally managed!!

    The few immigrants who «succeed» in Canada would not dare to admit that they have kissed many Canadian a**es along their long path to acceptance and modestly «rewarded» position in comparison with their Canadians’ counterparts. But this is the truth that they know very well and refuse to admit.

    What I am saying here is not a joke: This is the truth. If an immigrant says that he or she had adjusted «very» «well» to life in Canada and is being «happily» employed, the only question you need to ask him or her is: «How many a**es did you kiss to become a second class Canadian citizen?»
    Qaism. Canada.

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    Este si que es el mejor de los consejos que he leído en este foro.


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    Bueno, si son de mujeres, no me importa cuantos……………

Viendo 3 entradas - de la 1 a la 3 (de un total de 3)
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