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    Me gustaria si alguien tuvo la entrevista para Quebec , Por favor describanla, GRACIAS

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    Nosotros ya tuvimos la entrevista de selección para Quebec, es totalmente en francés y es donde te verifican todos tus documentos que enviaste sobre todo la de suficiencia economica, si desean mas información me pueden escribir a, y con gusto les puedo ayudar a cualquier duda segun mi caso.


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    Garcias por responder , Quisiera que me contestes el nivel de frances necesario para la entrevista, Yo estoy haciendo un curso intensivo hace 1 mes ,, y planeo que tardaran 3 meses en darme la entrevista , Te preguntaron sobre tu trabajo y lo que hacias???
    Bueno hasta pronto


    Invitado MQI

    Garcias por responder , Quisiera que me contestes el nivel de frances necesario para la entrevista, Yo estoy haciendo un curso intensivo hace 1 mes ,, y planeo que tardaran 3 meses en darme la entrevista , Te preguntaron sobre tu trabajo y lo que hacias???
    Bueno hasta pronto


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    Estos fueron los comentarios de un cliente mio. Espero que te ayude un poco…

    la entrevista duro aproximadamente 30 minutos, fue en frances, me preguntaron de mis estudios, trabajo, profesion, cursos realizados, de Quebec me preguntaron en relacion a su poblacion, que sabia en general de la provincia, hasta si conocia un artista de alla, el nombre del primer ministro de Canada, si hablaba ingles,en que ciudad pensaba quedarme, si conocia a alguien alla( yo tango un amigo alla), que pensaba mi familia, porque razones me iba.

    población de Montreal, de la provincia de Québec, porcentaje que se paga en impuestos y sueldo promedio de una persona que recién llega

    porque queria ir alla el funcionario te exige primero que le hables en frances, sino en ingles (por lo menos ese fue mi caso).


    Invitado MQI

    Espero que les ayude…

    What the Visa Officer is going to see at the Interview

    You must bring with you to the interview the originals or certified copies of the following documents. If they are not in English or French they must be accompanied by an English or French translation done by a professional translator.

    If you come to your interview without the documents listed, the officer will not be able to interview you, and your interview will be re-scheduled for a later date.

    • your passport, those of any dependent children and, if you are married, the passport of your spouse. If applicable, you must also present national identity cards for all persons in this application.

    • if you are or have been married, the documents which establish your marital status. This could include your marriage certificate, divorce decrees and the death certificate of a spouse.

    • if there are dependent children included in your application, the documents which establish that you are their parent and have legal custody of them. This could include their birth certificates or adoption orders and, in the event that you are separated or divorced from the other parent of your children, the court orders granting you custody of them

    • all accompanying dependents over the age of 18 should attend the interview with you. Children under 18 should not attend. Children who are too young to be left unattended in a public waiting room should not be brought to the Consulate.

    • diplomas, educational certificates and transcripts

    Criminal Record Checks

    Original (not photocopied) police certificates or criminal record checks (i.e. a document that establishes whether you have ever been convicted of a criminal offence) issued by the police authorities in the specified countries.

    Separate instructions are for those who will be required to obtain either an FBI criminal record check from the United States or an RCMP criminal record check from Canada.

    In other countries police certificates or criminal record checks are usually obtained by applying to the national police or, if you are residing in Canada, to the Embassy or Consulate of the country concerned. If we are aware of procedures specific to one or more of the countries in which you or any person included in this application has resided you will find enclosed further information documents which support the information you provided in the personal worth statement submitted with your immigration application form, which could include bank statements, statements for investment or retirement accounts, proof of stock or shares owned and property deeds. Statements of account must be dated within one month of the date of your interview. Appraisals of property done by independent appraisers are required and, in the case of property in Taiwan, the appraisal must indicate that a title search has been done.

    In addition, the documents listed below are required to enable you to satisfy the immigration officer who will interview you that you meet the selection criteria applicable to an entrepreneur. Section 2(1) of the Immigration Regulations, 1978, defines an entrepreneur as an immigrant who intends and has the ability to establish, purchase or make a substantial investment in a business or commercial venture in Canada that will make a significant contribution to the economy and whereby employment opportunities will be created or continued in Canada for one or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents, other than the entrepreneur and his dependents. He must also intend and have the ability to provide active and on-going participation in the management of the business or commercial venture.

    • your business plan and any documents which show the steps you have taken to prepare yourself for doing business in Canada

    • if you have attended a provincial Business Immigration Seminar, your certificate of attendance

    If you have owned or operated a business:

    your business tax assessments and payments for the last three years

    your Business Registration Certificate

    the financial statements of your business for the past five years: profit/loss statements and balance sheets

    your personal income tax assessments and payments for the last three years, preferably in long-form to show the breakdown of the sources of your income

    if you are a shareholder in a private limited company, the declaration stating who holds shares in the business–for example, the articles of incorporation or the partnership agreement

    If you have not owned or operated a business:

    -salaries tax assessments or your employer’s official notice of salary and tax payment (i.e. T-4 forms in Canada and W-2 forms in the United States)

    -letters of reference from your present and previous employers

    -tax payment forms for the last three years, preferably in long-form to show the breakdown of the sources of your income

    Interpreter Policy

    If you do not speak English or French fluently, you are required at your own expense to bring an interpreter with you to your interview. The person you bring must be a professional interpreter and must be independent. In other words, they must earn at least part of their living by selling interpretation services and they must not be related to you. Your interpreter also must not be your lawyer, immigration consultant or any other person you have retained to represent or advise you concerning this application and they may not be an employee of that person. If you are not able to locate an interpreter meeting these specifications please ask us to advise you of the names of organizations that are in the business of selling interpretation services.

    If you do not bring a professional interpreter, and the interviewing officer determines that your language skill is not sufficient to carry out the interview, you will not be interviewed. Your interview will be rescheduled for a later date.


    Please take with you the proof of funds available to take to Canada in the form of bank statements or a letter from the Bank Manager in Canadian or US funds. Your interview with the Canadian office is confidential and it is not revealed to the local government. For independent class you should be able to show about $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 to help you settle in Canada. For entrepreneurs ( business) applicants you should show the amount indicated in the Financial Statements. This amount is usually about $ 250,000.00 or such amount that you have indicated in your business plan and application.

    Questions to be Prepared for

    What will you do in Canada?

    You should indicate the job you will be looking for in the field you have shown as your skill in your application.

    For business person you should describe briefly the business plan we have prepared. Please review the plan carefully and be ready to discuss in more detail the costs of setting up such business. If you have been in Canada and reviewed the business prospects in the type of business you will be doing you should advise the interviewer of your visit.

    Why do you wish to go to Canada?

    In answering this question you should indicate that Canada has a high standard of living and was voted number 1 country by the United Nations to live in during the last 5 years. It has a stable political system and personal security is protected by the police. The legal system is effective and honest. The educational and health facilities are excellent.

    Where do you wish to settle?

    There is a large immigrant population in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. If you can show a smaller town outside these areas it is preferable. If you have a specific town in mind we can give you the address of the municipal offices and you can obtain from them the brochure of that town.

    English Language

    English Language carries up to 9 points for fluency in reading, writing and speaking. There are additional 6 points skills in French language. If you are not fluent in the language prior to the interview you should take lessons and thoroughly prepare to talk in English ( or French). This will make a very big difference. If you can listen to the shortwave Canadian Broadcasts, please do so you are familiar with the Canadian political and social issues. There are many websites now on the internet from which you can learn about Canada. If you have a friend or relative in Canada please discuss with him or her the names of provinces, the capital city, the political parties and other details so you become more familiar with the country where you wish to live.

    Who should answer

    If the wife is asked the question she should answer it. The husband should not answer the questions for the wife. Please do not look down or elsewhere. Please look straight in the eyes and talk.

    Interview Tips

    You should carry all correspondences made with the immigration department because it may help you.Produce any document either when it is asked by the officer or if you feel that the same may substantiate your claim on a particular issue which is under discussion with the officer.

    They may ask you any question which is based on your informations you had provided in your application.Therefore check thoroughly the informations/data which you have proveided in the immigration application and prepare yourself with self "question-answering" on each items.

    They may ask you the following questions:

    about outline of any of your subject in the degree course

    about your duties performed in your recent organisation

    about your relevant family matters

    about your training/licensing/registration of your profession

    about your effort of job search in Canada

    about your destination in Canada and why

    Why do you want to go to Canada

    About your savings (must be convertible currency)

    Most of the interviews last for 15 to 30 minutes.

    Be honest while you are responding to the officer and don’t give any opportunity to the officer to raise his doubt about any matter.Be precise and reply to the point.No need to be nervous, be simple and show just who you are.

    You must carry all documents pertaining to immigration.File all your documents in order so that you don’t waste time for searching your documents from your file when it is asked for by the officer during the interview.

    For a business persons applying as "entrepreneurs" you should carry your financial statements of the business. In the interview please describe what practical management tasks you do, such as preparing estimates, organizing and recruiting people, your technical skills etc. If you have pictures of your business please show them to us first and we will advise you if you should take them to the interview.

    You should tell the truth.

    Invitado MQI

    Preguntas Respuestas
    Why have you chosen Canada
    1. Because is the place where I want to live, Canada is the country that offers me all that I need.
    2. Is plenty of opportunities for professionals like me and there are exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop business.
    3. After I had read a newspaper ad, searching professionals in Computing systems, I came to an informative seminar the 24th of November in 1999.
    4. I’m looking for the best Education for our children and better living conditions, security, and health.
    5. Canada respect the environment, laws and human rights and many times was the first country in the world with the best quality of life.
    6. And I know people who tell me about these great country.

    Where did you study English?
    1. I have been studying English since I was a child in Private Institutes like “Cultural Inglesa de Buenos Aires”.
    2. Ford Motors Argentina sent me to learn English in PLC Institute and London Lab to improve my language skills.
    3. In secondary school and university I learnt technical English too.
    4. Today, I’m preparing myself at home with some PC’s Multimedia courses, books and Internet.

    Where did you study? •
    I obtained a Bachelor degree in Computing Systems in Moron university in 1992. • Today, I’m learning an Operating System call Linux, and Web Site design and programming, with products like Dreamweaver, Flash and GoLive.

    Do you know anybody in Canada?
    1. Yes, I have a very good friend and partner in a business to develop web sites, his name is Adrian Cavalcanti and is living in Richmond, BC and Fernando Margueirat in Toronto.
    2. I have two friends who trained me in Canadian English in Buenos Aires, one of them is Brian Hunter from Winnipeg, and Mike MacCully from Vancouver.
    3. Nowadays I know a lot of people that is applying the visa, Omar Hoffmann, Eduardo Dall Ospedale, Claudio Martinoti, Jorge Toledano, etc.

    Why have you chosen Vancouver?
    1. Because the climate is better than other places, and we have excellent reference about the city and the government of BC.
    2. We will have a lot of friends there.
    3. I’m going to set up a business in Richmond with a friend.

    How much money do you have to go? •
    I think we will take with us about c$d 30000. Today we are trying to sell our house to buy a new one in Canada.

    Where do you expect to work? •
    I would like to get a job according to my experience. I think my first job won’t be the best I can get but I’ll continue looking for a good job.• Meanwhile, I’m going to establish a business to develop Web Sites

    Do you know something about the government in Canada?
    1. Canada is a constitutional monarchy – Queen Elizabeth II is head of state, represented in Canada by the Governor General Mrs. Adrienne Clarkson.
    2. a federal state – some responsibilities are federal (such as defense and foreign affairs); some are provincial (such as education and health)
    3. is a parliamentary democracy – Parliament consists of a Senate and a House of Commons; Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is leader of party with majority in Commons.

    Invitado MQI

    Alguien me puede dar informacion si la coompania Kaminternational es confiable para la tramitacion de la residencia permanente en canada. Muchas gracias de antemano
    saludos Andres

    Invitado MQI

    Yo contacté a un representante de Kam International Canada para iniciar mi proceso. Hasta ahora me han parecido muy serios. No solo me han atendido vía chat (no tienen oficina aquí en Venezuela), me hablan en español e incluso me han llegado a llamar por teléfono en casos de urgencias, cuando han necesitado un papel o algún trámite de mi parte en el consulado. Me mantienen al día con el desarrollo de mi proceso.

    Yo conseguí el aviso de ellos aquí en esta página y los escogí entre los otros avisos que vi. Me parecen sumamente responsables. No toman tu caso si no pueden asegurarte que tendrás la aprobación debida. Claro, los procesos hacia el Gobierno Federal están un poco lentos.

    Espero que te sirva esta opinión.

    Invitado MQI

    hola ines gracias por tu informacion, si me puedes enviar tu correo para hacerte algunas consultas. Gracias, el mio

    Invitado MQI

    Hola Ines !!!
    Disculpame introducirme en tu email, pero me gustaria conocer un poco mas sobre tu experiencia acerca de la acesoria o asistencia de KAMINTERNACIONAL.
    Conosco que en una oportunidad los habias recomendado, pero ha pasado un poco mas de 4 meses y quisiera saber como esta tu proceso.
    mi correo es

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