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    El proximo mes de enero, el gobierno de la provincia petrolera de Alberta enviara un cheque de 400 dolares a cada residente (adultos y niños) lo cual suma 1,4 millardos de dolares. Eso haran, luego de reservar
    5,4 millardos para invertir en infraestructura y ahorrar a largo plazo.

    Aca pueden leer la carta del gobernante de la provincia

    Como pueden menos en Alberta, el petroleo si es de TODOS

    Dear Fellow Albertans:

    I’m sure many of you have already heard that Alberta expects a big surplus this year, thanks to higher-than-expected energy revenues. Energy prices remain volatile and it is difficult to know today exactly how large the surplus will be at the end of the year. However, I expect the surplus will be significantly higher than the $2.8 billion predicted a couple of months ago – very likely $4 billion higher.

    Though the exact amount of the surplus is yet to be determined, I’d like to tell you about the Alberta government’s plan for that surplus.

    Government will use this surplus in three balanced ways. Some of it will be given back to Albertans. Some of it will be spent on investments for the future. Some of it will be saved in order to generate future revenues.

    This year, government is giving back a portion of the surplus to the owners of Alberta’s energy resources: you. The Alberta government is going to use about $1.4 billion of this year’s surplus to give every Albertan a one-time rebate of $400.

    Our government believes that individual Albertans can and should decide for themselves what to do with their rebates. You might choose to save your rebate for your children’s future. You may have something in mind you and your family can enjoy today. You may use it to help with household bills. Or, you might choose to donate it to a charity of your choice.

    But make no mistake: this rebate is not being provided at the expense of investing in Alberta’s future. The lion’s share of the surplus – over 75 percent of it, based on the current outlook for energy prices – will be used to improve the province for its children and their children. Let me tell you what I mean by that.

    First, support for infrastructure – roads, schools, hospitals and other capital projects – will be the main beneficiary of higher revenue this year. The government’s budget for these projects has already been increased by $800 million, reaching $4 billion for this year. This type of commitment is unmatched in Canada. Government has also set aside over $1 billion from this year’s surplus to help pay for other capital projects in future years. These are smart, future-oriented investments that will have both immediate and long-term benefits for Alberta’s growing communities. Further allocations are possible once government confirms the size of this year’s surplus.

    Just as important as investing in the future is saving for the future. Our government will make sure that Alberta’s savings accounts benefit from this year’s extra revenues. Over $900 million has already been committed for savings this year, including new dollars for the Heritage Fund as well as funds that support advanced education, scholarships, and medical research. As dollars permit, government also is looking at savings programs to benefit environmental protection, rural development, and the building of strong communities.

    Giving back. Investing. Saving. That’s the plan for the surplus. We’ll know more about the final size of the surplus later this year, but what we know today is simple: every dollar of the surplus, and future surpluses, will be used for both the immediate and long-term benefit of Albertans.


    Ralph Klein


    Hola soy venezolano, quiero saber como fue tu experiencia al llegar a canada? gracias

Viendo 2 entradas - de la 1 a la 2 (de un total de 2)
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