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    Les adjunto esta informacion para los que pagaron $975, el gobierno va a dovelverles el 50% ya que disminuyo la tasa.


    Refund of Right of Permanent Residence Fee

    ON MAY 2, 2006, the Government of Canada announced a 50 percent reduction of the $975 Right of Permanent Residence Fee. You may be entitled to a refund.

    You are eligible for a refund if:
    • You paid the $975 Right of Permanent Residence Fee; and
    • You did not become a permanent resident of Canada until after 12:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on May 3, 2006.

    How much will be refunded?
    The amount of the refund is CAN $485. The refund applies to every person on your application who paid the CAN $975 fee and who did not become a permanent resident until after 12:00 a.m. EDT on May 3, 2006. The fees to process applications remain unchanged.

    How to obtain your refund
    If you or your sponsor paid the $975 fee for your application in Canada, you do not have to submit a request for a refund. CIC will issue refunds for all family class (sponsorship) applicants. You will receive it by mail.

    If you or your sponsor have moved since you paid the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, please make sure to notify CIC of any changes to your address. You can notify our Call Centre or use our Web site to notify us of any changes. See below for the contact information.

    If you paid the $975 fee outside of Canada, and you did not receive a refund before arriving in Canada, you must complete the attached request form and mail it to CIC.

    To contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    CIC Call Centre
    Call the CIC Call Centre toll-free at 1 888 242-2100 (in Canada only).

    If you have trouble hearing, you can use CIC’s Text Telephone (TTY) service from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. your local time by calling toll-free at 1 888 576-8502 (in Canada only).

    Web site
    You can obtain more information on the Right of Permanent Residence Fee refund and other CIC programs and services on our Web site at

    If you paid the Right of Permanent Residence Fee outside of Canada


    Please mail this refund request form to:

    RPRF Refunds
    Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    CIC Accounting Operations
    300 Slater Street
    Ottawa, ON
    K1R 7G7


    Principal applicant (first and last names):


    Date of birth: ___________________
    Country of birth:_________________

    Date entered Canada as a permanent resident: __________________________________

    Visa office where you paid the Right of Permanent Residence Fee: ___________________

    Client identification number, if known: _______________

    File number, if known: ________________________

    Names of other people on your application who also paid the Right of Permanent Residence Fee:


    Mailing address in Canada—must be valid for up to a year as this is the address to which your refund will be mailed—(see note below):

    Street address: _____________
    Apartment: _____________________

    City: _____________ Province: _______________
    Postal code: ______________

    Tel.: (_____) ____________________


    NOTE: Please notify us if your address changes. You can contact the CIC Call Centre at 1 888 242-2100
    or change your address on-line at
    IMPORTANT NOTICE Refund of Right of Permanent Residence Fee
    You must include copies of the following documents with your request:
    • A copy of your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR); and
    • A copy of the receipt you received when you paid the Right of Permanent Residence Fee.

    1) Processing Times for Sponsored Parents and Grandparents in the Family Class

    Applicants and their sponsors may be aware that processing times for applications in the Family Class for sponsored parents and grandparents are somewhat longer. We wish to provide you with information on why this is the case, and how long the process is likely to take. We understand your desire to have these cases finalized promptly, and regret that this is not always possible.

    In establishing priorities for various visa categories, difficult choices must be made. Available resources and differing public policy objectives must be taken into account. Each year the Government of Canada announces targets for the number of landings within each immigration category. It is important as part of our partnership with the provinces, which deliver social and other services to arriving immigrants, to manage immigration within these target ranges and with the resources allocated to Citizenship and Immigration by Parliament. The targets are further divided into the economic and non-economic components in order to work toward the government’s stated policy objective. At the same time, CIC is devoting all available resources to ensuring that our priority Family Class cases (spouses, partners, and dependent children) are processed as quickly as possible. The objective is 6 months for these cases; but currently only half are processed this quickly, and it takes 11 months to finalize 80% of cases. We wish to focus on improvements in this area. We also have an obligation to meet the goals of our humanitarian program by resettling refugees from abroad and providing permanent residence status to those to whom Canada has given protection. In other words, these classes get first priority for places in the non-economic component. These global targets are then translated into specific targets, by component, for our visa offices abroad.

    2) Immigration Canada Alert: Permanent Resident card replaces the paper IMM 1000 Record of Landing document as of December 31, 2003.

    3) Newspaper Articles and Advertisements

    Articles about Canadian immigration policies and advertisements for immigration consultants often appear in newspapers and magazines. If you have concerns regarding the legitimacy of the information that appears in these publications, please note that the Canadian Embassy does not have the resources to respond to your concerns by telephone or in person. If you call or visit our office to confirm the veracity of the information provided, you will be directed to consult this Internet website for information regarding the various visa and immigration services that are available.

    4) Consultants

    Please note that the Embassy does not require that you have a representative or consultant. We have tried to make our application kits as simple as possible so that you can complete them yourself. If you decide to use the services of a representative, you are of course free to do so. The Embassy treats all applicants equally and does not provide preferential service to those with representatives. For further information please go to:

    It is your responsibility to ensure that any representative that you might choose is ethical and competent to perform the services required. You should not hesitate to ask the representative (whether a lawyer or a consultant) for references or other proof that he or she has the necessary skills. Please note that as of April 13, 2004, CIC/CBSA and the IRB will only do business with a fee charging representative if they are a member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC), a Canadian law society or the Chambre des notaires du Québec. If a representative is not a member, the applicant can either choose to proceed unrepresented or they may hire an authorized representative.
    Please enter the following web page in order to verify if your representative is listed.

    Beware of representatives who claim that you will get a visa, obtain citizenship or benefit from special treatment from the Canadian government by using their services. The Embassy is not associated with, and cannot recommend, any representatives. Note also that you will be held accountable for any documents you submit to the Embassy or that your representative submits on your behalf.

    For more information, please visit the following website: Who May Represent You.

    5) Seafarers

    International seafarers travelling to Canada to join ships as crew members now require a valid passport for entry as well as a seafarer’s identity document. They must also obtain a Temporary Resident (Visitor) visa, unless they are citizens of a country that is exempt from this requirement. Previously, seafarers were only required to present seafarer’s identity documents in order to enter Canada.


    Esa noticia esta como vieeeja, ya ni yo que tengo mas de medio año en Canada tuve que pagar los $975, espero que no haya nadie aqui que los pagara y no supiera.


    creo que aiglee tiene razón eso es mas viejo que la chola ‘e cristo, de verdad pienso que esos posts están un poco fuera de lugar no obstante de estar de acuerdo con la libre expresión de las ideas de los foristas, sin embargo el exhorto es a publicar temas que de verdad nos interesen y nos nutran a manera de sacar el mejor provecho posible



    Fernando ……….. relax creeme que los Venezolanos son muy inteligentes y diestros en el internet sobre todo los que estan por venirse y toda esa informacion ya la tienen lo importante es lo que encontraran cuando vengan aca y quienes los podran acesorar en los primeros dias en los temas mas relevantes como a que provincia llego , cual provincia me da mejor oportunidades me da , a que hotel llego, bueno bonito y barato, sacar documentacion , conseguir vivienda, meter a los muchachos en el colegio, conseguir trabajo , conseguir lisencia de manejar , conseguir seguro de carro, conseguir el carro, donde comprar comida, donde comprar ropa , como aplicar por el child tax, como sacar la targeta de salud , etc etc etc , despus pensare en finanzas y el mercado de valores y la bolsa si sube o si baja todo eso es bueno pero a su tiempo primero lo primero .

    Este foro es para la gente que esta alla y se quiere venir para aca , por eso se llama me quiero ir .com

    los temas de finanzas vienen despues de todo lo anterior por eso me parese buena idea la de Aiglee de que crees tu pagina webb o un blok para todo tus comentarios que no dejan de ser interesantes y beneficiosos pero para los que les interese .

    Bueno es solo mi opinion , saludos y nos vemos la semana que viene en la oficina . Gracias


    Estimados amigos

    Creo que hay una pequeña confusion, yo no coloco esa noticia para los que estan en el proceso, que es obvio que conocen los nuevos fees.

    Existen 185,000 personas que habiendo pagado el monto de $975 por miembro son sujetas a un refund, solo llenando una planilla y enviandola por correo

    Existen muchas personas en especial las que ya estan viviendo en Canada que no tienen el tiempo de por ej revisar las actualizaciones de las webs del correo.

    Muchos de los cuales ingresan a este foro para informarse.

    Who is eligible for refunds?

    Everyone who paid the $975 Right of Permanent Residence Fee is eligible for a refund if they have not become a permanent resident of Canada as of 12:00 a.m. EDT on May 3, 2006. Immigrants in all social, humanitarian and economic classes are entitled to a refund.

    Conozco 2 personas que solicitaron ese dinero y que no sabian que se los podrian devolver.

    How much of the fee will be refunded?

    The amount of the refund will be $485 (Canadian dollars). The refund applies to every person on your application who paid the fee. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, there may be differences in refund amounts for refunds issued in local currencies outside of Canada.

    A nadie les caeria mal esa devolucion de $485…

    Saludos a todos


    Saludos a todos,

    Srs. foristas todos, lamento decirles que el foro de me quiero ir se ha convertido en un lugar aburrido donde venir a buscar informacion. Esto parece la eleccion de la reina de carnaval de cualquier pueblito playero donde las candidatas buscan de las maneras menos pensadas la forma de atraer la atencion de la gente y ser las mas populares del carnaval. pareciera haber dos clanes que quieren apropiarse de todos los post sin dejar espacio para la expresion de quienes necesitan o tienen informacion importante, otra que las de los dos mencionados grupos (importante e interesante de manera innegable). En lugar de competir por favor ayuden a los demas sin aburrir.

    Recomendaciones al Sr. Fernando y familia, no coloques temas tan laaaarrrrgooooosssss, con colocar el link a la pagina de internet donde esta la informacion es mas que sufuciente. la recomendacion de crear un blog, grupo yahoo site web es absolutamente valida, bastara con abrir un solo tema en el foro donde coloques el titulo de los temas de actualidad de tu blog y te aseguro que la genta ira encantada a leerlos.

    Recomendaciones al sr Dionis y demas foristas, sean menos despectivos y mas instructivos con el Sr Fernando que el tambien quiere ayudar.

    mis disculpas a todos si a alguien ofendi, pero mi deseo es colaborar a hacer el forum algo agradable de visitar y con informacion actualizada, real, veraz y que ayude a las personas con sus dudas y problemas.

    Saludos y gracias por colaboracion.


    Prometido, ya no voy a escribir tan largooo….gracias por la sugerencia…y disculpen si los he aburrido



    Gracias por la información. A mi me parece que toda la información antes, durante y después de emigrar es muy beneficiosa, pues todos en un momento tenemos un mar de dudas de todo tipo y también es muy cierto que no todas las personas tienen suficiente tiempo para investigar y este foro cuenta con toooooda clase de información, uno puede preguntar hasta lo que para otros podría ser absurdo y sin embargo siempre hay alguien que responde, y además es algo que admiro de todos los participantes pues veo que son muy solidarios y eso me alegra mucho


    ………bla, bla, bla……….

    Ustedes no tienen oficio……?

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