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    Para los que ya se ven en Australia, les adjunto una lista de las palabras mas usadas (segun el autor) del Slang Australiano.


    Aerial Ping Pong: Australian Rules Football
    Amber Fluid: Beer
    Ankle Biter: A young child

    Barney: A fight or violent disagreement
    Beaut, Beauty: Great, fantastic
    Booze Bus: A police vehicle used for catching drunk drivers
    Bundy: Short for Bundaberg Queensland and the brand of rum that is made there

    Cark it: To die, cease functioning
    Coldie: A beer
    Crook: If you are feeling ill, you are a bit crook
    Codswallop: Absolute nonsense

    Daks: Another name for trousers. When you get a needle the doctor will invariably tell you to “drop your daks’
    Dead horse, flogging a: Continuing a pointless argument or exercise.
    Duffer, a silly: Term used to describe someone who has done something a little stupid or had a minor mishap
    Durry: A cigarette

    Earbashing: Nagging, non-stop chatter
    Elbow grease: Something that a person tells you to use when they want you to put a bit more effort into a chore
    Esky: A large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbeques etc

    Face, off one’s: Drunk (“He was off his face by 9pm”)
    Fair dinkum: True, genuine
    Fair go: To give someone a chance (“Give a bloke a fair go”)
    Flake: Sharks flesh (sold in fish and chip’s shops)

    G’Day: Hello!!
    Give it a burl: Try it, to have a go
    Goer: Anything that looks like it’s successful is classed as a goer in Australia
    Goog, as full as: a Very drunk or full of food

    Happy as Larry: Blissfully content
    Hen’s teeth, scarce as: Very rare
    Hoon: A hooligan
    Hottie: An abbreviation for a hot water bottle (or a good looking person!)

    Icebergs: Crazy people who go swimming in the ocean during winter
    Idiot box: The television!
    Iffy: Anything described as ‘Iffy” is of a suspicious nature (best not to get involved in)

    Jackaroo: A male station hand (A station is a big farm/grazing property)
    Jillaroo: A female station hand
    Joey: A baby kangaroo
    Jumbuck: A sheep

    Kangaroo hopping: What happens to your car when you accidentally take your foot off the clutch
    Kelpie: Australian sheep dog
    Kip: A short nap

    Larrikin: A person who is always having fun, a harmless prankster
    Lippie: Lipstick
    Lolly water: A drink with little or no alcohol
    Lousy bastard: A very mean person

    Macca’s: McDonalds
    Mad as a meat axe: Totally insane
    Mate’s rates: Cheaper than usual for a “friend”
    Moolah: Money

    Nana, to do your: Losing your temper, pronounced nar – nar
    Nipper: Young Surf Life-saver
    No-hoper: Somebody who will never be successful
    Nuddy, in the: Naked

    Ocker: An uncultured Aussie male who loves sport, beer, mates and sheilas (females)
    Oldies: Your parents
    Oz: Australia

    Pash: A long passionate kiss
    Pav: Pavlova – a rich creamy Australian dessert
    Piss: Alcohol

    Quid, make a: To earn a living – “Are you making a quid?”
    Quid, not the full: A person with a low IQ

    Rack off: Go away, push off, get lost
    Rage: Party
    Rollie: A cigarette that you role yourself (pronounced role-y)
    Ropeable: Very angry

    Salute, Aussie: Brushing flies away
    Sanger: A sandwich
    Servo: Petrol Station
    Slab: A carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer

    Tall Poppies: Successful people
    Tall Poppy syndrome: The tendency to criticise successful people
    True Blue: Patriotic
    Tucker: Food

    Up a gumtree: To be in a hopeless situation
    Up the duff: Pregnant
    Ute: Utility vehicle, pick-up truck

    Vegies: Vegetables
    Vee Dub: Volkswagen
    Veg out: Relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)
    Verbal diarrhoea: A term used to describe somebody who never stops talking

    Wag: Aussie word for ‘truant’
    Walkabout, it’s gone: Something that is lost or can’t be found
    Wobbly, to chuck a: To throw a tantrum

    XXXX: Pronounced Four X, it is a brand of beer

    Yabber: Idle chatter
    Yakka: Work
    Yobbo: A loud uncouth person

    Zonked: Totally exhausted
    Zoo, like feeding time at the: A term used to describe a mob-like rush to the food at a social function

    Invitado MQI

    Hola, Enrique me gustaria ir a vivir a australia pero como estudiante de ingles sabes donde puedo conseguir algo. Gracias.

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