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    Invitado MQI

    Son verdad estos sueldos y puestos mas solicitados.
    Espero comentarios

    Empleadas domesticas/niñeras 11.65
    Enfermeras 17.18
    Maestros de obras 26.76
    Ingeniero civil 27.94
    Electricistas 19.70
    Dentistas 30.38
    Orientador vocacional 25.01
    Técnicos de rayos X 22.30
    Farmacéuticos 27.84
    Bomberos 23.15
    Veterinarios 24.60
    Psicólogos 37.12
    ngenieros de Sistemas 31.41
    Paramédicos 18.73
    Mecánico de aviones 21.71
    Ingeniero mecánico 29.05
    Ingeniero Civil 27.94
    Ingeniero Electrónico 29.05
    Ingeniero Químico 29.05
    Asistente de dentista 26.18
    Relacionista Industrial 29.89
    Matemáticos 24.97
    Laborista Médico 22.34
    Optometrista 16.86
    Quiropráctico 16.86
    Nutricionista 26.64
    Científicos 26.68
    Patólogo 22.20
    Mecánicos 20.93
    Mineros 20.18
    Fotógrafos 16.34
    Gasfiteros 20.49
    Educadores 11.33
    Reparadores de electrodomésticos 21.16
    Educación especial 20.13
    Contador 14.84
    Administrador 17.24
    Arquitectos 24.06
    Choferes de bus o camión 15.65
    Chef 13.19
    Operador de maquinas 17.52
    Pilotos de avión 28.43
    Técnico automotriz 16.12
    Choferes 19.44
    Diseño grafico 17.68
    Especialistas en banca 26.08
    Editores 23.45
    Cajeros 8.41
    Carteros 14.52
    Secretarias 14.72
    Vendedores 10.22
    Panaderos 10.45
    Carniceros 11.66
    Entrenadores/atletas 11.18
    Mensajería 11.30
    Carpinteros 14.53
    Agricultores 11.44
    La ganancia es el promedio por hora

    Fuente cabinas

    Invitado MQI

    Do you want to see how inaccessible the Canadian justice system is?

    Otro foro!!!!!!
    10 de agosto 2005
    Yo soy Colombiano, Odontólogo especializado en Epidemiología, llevo 2 años en Canadá. Soy residente permanente, pero no he podido ejercer mi profesión en Canadá, ni como dentista, ni en ninguna área (Higiene dental, Asistente dentario, etc) para todas me piden el certificado de la orden de dentistas o del area en la que vaya a ejercer.

    Para poder ejercer como dentista me piden ir 3 años mas a la universidad, yo me pregunto "si los dientes de los canadienses son diferentes a los de los latinos?", en las instituciones gubernamentales me dicen que los 3 años son por las leyes de este país y yo vuelvo y me pregunto" las personas que estudian para ser odontologos aca en Canada estudian 3 años de leyes?"y aparte de todo lo anterior debo pagar 25.000 dolares a la orden de dentistas para poder presentar 3 exámenes y que me otorguen el permiso profesional……pero como lograré conseguir los 25.000 dólares si en ningún lugar puedo obtener algún trabajo bien remunerado. Los únicos trabajos que pueden conseguir los inmigrantes son recogiendo fresas, manzanas y todos los cultivos de la temporada del verano, entregando domicilios de restaurantes o haciendo aseo en supermercados, los canadienses deben estar orgullosos al tener profesionales tan altamente calificados barriendo y lavando loza.

    Espero que mi firma sirva en algo y considero que deberían ejercer alguna presión con el gobierno en la reforma de las leyes, sé que hay un proyecto de ley que una diputada está liderando y que tienen plazo para dar respuesta a la modificación en el mes de octubre de este año. Así que es posible que en ello se pueda ejercer cualquier tipo de presion.
    Fabian. Quebec.

    11 de agosto 2005
    I have been looking for a job for the last four months, and even in Wendy’s, they have told me that there is no place by now. They ask me -by the way- about a University diploma, and I answered: What?, do you need a University Diploma to cook hamburgers. The next week I went to the same Wendy’s branch and found a new (white, Canadian young teenager) working there, just to be sure, I asked about when she started and she told me “Just this week”. Don’t you think this is Racism, I do.

    And I’m still unemployed.

    By the way, my wife and I just moved two weeks ago from our first address here in Canada, because of lack of funds to afford that rent; the place where we are now is infested with cockroaches, full of very different people to what we are used to, the building is very dark, stinky and we are really depressed because of this change in our lives.

    I think this is not the dream we all had when we applied for the Canadian Residence, nor because of the big exigencies from the embassy to ask us about demonstrated experience and credentials that created the illusion of a big change in our lives. Knowing that this experience and credentials are not useful at all in here, YOU ARE NOTHING IN HERE and they know this, but they never tell you about this. I think this is a very big FRAUD against human rights, they are creating poorness, they are bringing decadence to a beautiful country.

    I really would like to help this cause to raise and to get the rights we deserve. We are qualified, professional, skilled workers willing to grow up and generate productivity to increase our lifestyles. ALL WE WANT IS TO WORK AND GET RECOGNITION FOR ALL THE TIME INVESTED IN OUR FORMER FORMATION AND PROFESSIONAL CAREERS!!!!!
    Best regards,
    Luis. Etobicoke, Ontario.

    June 1 – 2005
    I came to Canada almost 4 years ago. I ‘m working in super-store as a Stocker clerk. I worked for BP exploration and Occidental Colombia as a Geotechnical. I have 11 years experience in oil companies.

    I don’t understand because this province don’t believe in the experience of the immigrants. I feel sad because it’s so hard get a good job. I think that Canada welcomes immigrants only for doing jobs that Canadians don’t like.
    Patricia R. Calgary, Alberta.

    June 3 – 2005
    I studied chemistry in Germany and worked for several years as a Chemist and a Technical Marketing Manager in the bauxite industry in Guyana and Belgium before moving to Canada (BC) 10 years ago. I moved to BC because in my research I discovered that BC had a resource based economy and the economy was growing better than some provinces in Canada.

    I tried everything to get an appropriate job in BC but it never happened. Eventually I landed a job with an American company looking for Reps on the west coast to supervise sampling and testing of ores an concentrates. After four years there was major consolidation in the copper industry which resulted in a major loss of contracts for the company and consequently my release. I moved to Toronto in 2001 and tried again to get a proper job. I started to temp in a warehouse of a sticker manufacturer who eventually hired me as a supervisor in their fulfillment department. So I am employed albeit underemployed and strongly believe that I could/should be doing a lot better than I am right now.
    Roger. Ontario, Canada.

    June 4 – 2005
    The site has clear, uncluttered graphical interface. Nice work!
    Sachin. UAE.

    June 5 – 2005
    Four years in Canada without a full-time job.

    I came to Canada 4 years ago, spent all my savings 23.000,00 U.S. dollars, went through re-training and still can’t find a Job.

    I have suffered all types of discrimination and racial profiling in this country. It is the most racist place I ever lived.

    We must tell the world what a SHAM Canada really is.

    Angry Brazilian.
    Fabio. Toronto, Ontario.

    June 6 – 2005
    I immigrated to Canada in March, 2001 and immediately applied to register with APEGGA (Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta), I was told that my almost 12 years experience does not qualify for an Engineering experience that I will need to write some technical exams to be admitted into the Association. I agreed on writng these exams, these are the same courses I took in the University over 15 years ago. I want to know any Canadian trained Engineer that will be willing to write exams on courses taken 15 years ago.

    I studied very hard, combining it with my work, wrote and passed these technical exams, scoring 85%, 80% and 50% on the courses I took. I also passed the professional ethics exams and APEGGA enrolled my as an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) Electrical Engineering. This was in May, 2003. I was told that I need two more years of experience to become a professional engineer.

    Since then I have applied to more than 500 companies, talked to professional engineers, employers and even APEGGA executive about getting an entry level engineering position, but all to no avail. It looks I am at my own mercy. It is like the engineering companies and employer does not even recognize an EIT from APEGGA, because this class of people are immigrants. Almost all Canadian trained EIT fresh from the University get jobs within the first six months of graduation.

    The APEGGA exams are not easy, very few people agree to write these exams, and the failure rates is very high and they are expensive too, especially when you are accessed many. How does the Association expect me to get the required experience for the professional Engineering status.

    If the Canadian Government reads the comment on the web site, they should find solutions to people with my experience.

    Peter. Alberta, Canada.

    Invitado MQI

    Yo le recomiendo que estudie sus tres años, haga sus equivalencia, respeta las reglas de juego de la nueva sociedad a la que decidió emigrar y luego recogerá los frutos.

    Deje de quejarse, ya desperdició 2 años!!! estaria a punto de obtener sus revalidas y conseguir excelentes oportunidades. Tiene dos opciones: Seguir quejandose y fracasar o ponerse a estudiar y triunfar.

    Saludos y suerte

    Invitado MQI

    mmmmm, venezolano en toronto pero con ip de cantv… como la gente critica sin saber de lo que hablan

    Invitado MQI

    Victor, tengo mas de 5 años viviendo en Toronto. Actualmente estoy en Caracas disfrutando de lo bueno de Caracas por unas merecidas vacaciones. Se exactamente de lo que hablo. El que quiera oir consejo que lo oiga, el que no quiera pues aqui somos todos adultos.
    Saludos y felicidades.

    Invitado MQI

    Victor, tengo mas de 5 años viviendo en Toronto. Actualmente estoy en Caracas disfrutando de lo bueno de Caracas por unas merecidas vacaciones. Se exactamente de lo que hablo. El que quiera oir consejo que lo oiga, el que no quiera pues aqui somos todos adultos.
    Saludos y felicidades.

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