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    Esto lo lei de alguien que me lo envio via email, esta en Ingles. Podria no ser toda la verdad pero algo de una realidad podria tambien ser.

    «I saw a vision in October 2004 of some crates in a warehouse marked “Made in Quebec in the USA”. I wasn’t sure what it meant. The vision is posted here in the Visions section.

    But recently there have been some top-level, secret meetings that seek to unify the three countries America, Canada and Mexico, as one. Wal-Mart is one of the big businesses that are sponsoring the idea, as unifying North America into one country would offer American big business cheap labor from the south and educated technocrats from the north. The American working class would be devastated.

    It would not be very good for Canada either, as the Canadians are humble, peaceful people that don’t carry guns. If Americans are allowed free access many will flee north, especially once the USA starts to crumble bringing with them social problems and violence that Canada does not have right now.

    Also Canada has massive amounts of oil and gas and that would attractive to Americans especially as the up-coming oil crisis that I predicted in 2002, takes effect. A peaceful, clean, energy rich country will look good and a massive influx of people is to be expected. With that will come crack cocaine, ice, gangs and gun toting violence that is part of the urban culture in the USA.

    Poor Canada she is being sold down the river. I see now what «made in Quebec in the USA» means now. It reminds one of how Hitler annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia in the late 1930s. Spooky.»

    Stuart Wilde
    October 04, 2006


    bueno quizas beneficiaria tanto a mexicanos como a canadienses pienso yo

Viendo 2 entradas - de la 1 a la 2 (de un total de 2)
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